5 Essential Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

Traveling by road? There are a couple of things you already know but what if I told you that there are things you are leaving out.

We try to be circumspect in our dealings but we are not always 100 percent ready. The tips I will be showing you in this piece will add to your readiness while you prepare for your road trip.

  1. Get Your Car Ready

The first thing that must be in place as you prepare for your road trip is the vehicle you would be using.

You must get your vehicle ready for the road trip at least 2 weeks before your road trip.

Among the things, you should be checking out includes brakes, tire pressure, spare tire, lights, wiper blades, coolant, oil, and any unforeseen repairs.

If you are not familiar with the routes you plan to take, get Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on your car’s DIN unit.

  1. Get Ready

You would need to be ready physically, financially, and emotionally ahead of your trip.

Let your family and pals know about your trip. Endeavor to inform them about your itinerary.

Get a good night’s rest before you embark on the trip. Where’s the fun when you battle with sleep as you travel?

Make sure you are familiar with the routes you will take on the trip. Have an understanding of the weather conditions and wear appropriate clothing.

Take items like jumper cables, waterproof matches, first aid kit, water, snacks, travel brochures, and so on to help you on your trip.

  1. Get Hotel Reservation & Accommodation

For the stops you will make while on your journey, you will need to make hotel reservations so you have a place to rest and pass the night.

If for any reason you couldn’t make the reservations before you began the road trip, do so in the afternoon.

Some hotels offer family discounts and packages you may like. Look out for them before making your reservations.

Also, check for cost. You don’t want to expend all your money on accommodation alone.

  1. Minimize Gas Usage

As gas prices are escalating, you will need to learn to minimize your gas usage so you can spend less.

In other to minimize gas usage, there are a couple of things you should do:

  • Slow down your acceleration
  • Purchase gas at the coolest hours of the day
  • Do not drive on rough roads
  • Remove excess weight from your car
  • Maintain a speed level that’s not so high
  • Ensure your tires are at full pressure
  • Keep your door windows closed as you drive
  • Know the cost of fuel for your road trip

Adhere To Caution and Be Alert

Last but not the least, you should adhere to caution and be alert while on your road trip.

You want to stay away from emergencies and not get into trouble.

I advise you get car insurance and travel insurance before embarking on your journey.

Keep sufficient gas in your tank and do not pull over by the side of the road unless there is an emergency.

Even though you have insurance, avoid aggressive drivers and tailgaters. You don’t want to be making claims over needless mistakes.

Give yourself breaks and share driving responsibilities. Fatigue on your trip may not be good and I am sure you don’t want it.

Listen to music as you drive and do not forget why you embarked on the road trip in the first place.


Your road trip can be so much fun if you have everything you need in place and take every precautionary measure.

While you can’t be 100 percent prepared, the tips I have shared would help you improve your readiness for your road trip.


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