Tips for the Smoothest Road Trip Ever

Road trips are meant to be fun, but if you don’t plan right ahead of time, they can become a real hassle. To prevent you from not enjoying your next vacati6on, we’ve gathered some of our favorite trips to keep you and your passengers on the road and out of each other’s hair. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we think it’s a great place to start!

Pack Snacks

Driving is tiring work, which is why fuel is important not only for your car, but for you and your passengers. Before you leave, stock up on snacks and drinks to cut down on gas station time and to keep you satisfied longer. Things like nuts, crackers and fruit and veggie cups are great options to fill you up without bogging you down thanks to additives. You can bring a travel cooler packed with fresh water and other drinks as well to ensure you have chilled refreshments all drive long.

Map Before You Go

in the age of Apple and Google maps, many of us don’t bother to check our route before we’re on it. However, scoping out your route can be helpful to ensure you hit all the spots you are looking for in the most efficient amount of time. Sites like roadtrippers.com can even help you create custom routes based on your timeframe and interests. however, even if you plan your trip before you leave, don’t be afraid to stop or change your route if you hear about something unique!

Consider Lodging

There are tons of different ways to spend the night on a road trip, though each one comes with different obstacles. For instance, you could choose rest stops and spend the night camping or in your car. While this offers a lot of flexibility and is relatively cheap, it’s not the most comfortable option. Hotels and Airbnb’s can be a great way to take in the local sites, but they do require check-ins at specific times if you plan on this option, it might be a good idea to research campgrounds and rest stops anyways, in case of unforeseen delays.

Keep an Emergency Kit

You can never be too safe on the road, which is why it’s important to keep an emergency kit on hand. This kit should include food, water, blankets, first aid supplies and anything else that could be necessary should your car breakdown somewhere inconvenient. Even if the kit isn’t used, the Peace of Mind is worth it.

You know best how to prepare yourself and your passengers for a road trip, but we hope these tips can help make your time on the road even better period and if you’re looking for the smoothest ride in California, don’t forget to check us out at SDcrusingrentals.com for more tips and tricks.


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