Top 20 Driving Tips to Make Your Trip Exciting

As you prepare for your next road trip, you would need to see this list of top 20 driving tips.

With the tips I have shared, you will be able to make the best out of your trip, avoid frustrating traffic, save money, and stay safe.

Let’s dive into them already.

1. Sleep Well and Avoid Caffeinated Drinks

Before you begin your long trip, get enough rest and sleep so you do not have to battle with sleep as you drive.

Taking caffeinated drinks to help you stay awake and alert is a no-no. A lot of persons opt for this option when they go on a trip but I do not advise such.

You may enjoy some form of activeness as soon as you take the caffeinated drink but once the effects begin to wear off, it will be difficult for you to concentrate while driving.

2. Take Breaks

Take periodic rests after driving for a couple of hours. You do not have to be sleepy or tired to rest.

Doing this will keep your body and mind refreshed and lessen the effect of driving for long hours.

During the rest period, get a snack, walk around, or take a quick nap.

3. Share Driving Responsibilities

If there is someone else who can drive, share driving responsibilities with them. This can be an advantage allowing you to rest without losing time.

Driving alone? Put on the radio or play music from your DIN head unit. You can use a USB cord and connect your phone to play music from it.

4. Park Properly

When you are pulling over either to take a break or switch seats, do not park on the shoulder lane except it is an emergency.

Park properly by moving your vehicle off the road and out of the breakdown lane.

5. Beware of Laws Governing Cellphone Usage

It may be legal to use your cellphone while driving in a region and illegal to do so in another region.

Be acquainted with the laws governing cell phone usage and other laws as well in the routes you would take on your road trip.

I recommend you use Bluetooth hands-free calling while driving. This is possible when you have a double DIN head unit with Bluetooth.

6. Do Not Take Alcohol

Frankly, forget about taking it in minimal volumes, do not take alcohol before or during your road trip.

Aside from its intoxicating ability, a bottle of beer can cause you to fall asleep and that is bad for your trip.

7. Plan Route Through Inclement Weather

Bad weather conditions can disrupt your road trip. Always plan your trip’s route around inclement weather conditions.

8. Install GPS Navigation Applications

Prepare for worst-case scenarios by installing a GPS navigation app such as Waze, Sygic, Google Maps, or IGO.

They will help you navigate through traffic jams and help you discover faster routes to your destination.

9. Carry Road Maps and Atlases

Due to the infallibility of GPS apps, a road map or an atlas would come in handy.

10. Familiarize Yourself With The Car

This tip is for those who get a rented vehicle for their road trip.

Before you go on a trip with a rented vehicle, get familiar with the car and all its equipment.

Make sure the brake, coolant, horn, headlight, and so on are working.

11. Keep Valuables Safely

Lock up your valuables safely in the trunk or the glove compartment.

12. Be Acquainted With Local Traffic Laws

You will travel through states on your road trip and laws change from state to state.

Be acquainted with local traffic laws such as rules on yielding to pedestrians, speed limits, and so on.

13. Ensure Your Vehicle is in Good Condition

Make sure the tires have enough pressure, the fluids are gauged, your gas tank is full, and so on.

It is wise to perform a complete checkup on the health of your vehicle before you embark on your trip.

14. Secure Roadside Assistance

Car insurance companies provide roadside assistance. Do signup for your insurance provider’s roadside assistance program.

Your car can breakdown in unfamiliar regions where technicians are not close by. Save yourself from being stranded.

You can also consider becoming a member of AAA or CAA.

15. Conserve Gas Usage

Save cost by minimizing gas usage. You can do so by removing unnecessary weight, maintaining a moderate speed, and accelerating minimally.

16. Refuel Before Your Gas Tank Empties

Do not wait until your gas tank empties. Always refill your gas especially when you are driving in unfamiliar routes where you are unsure of the location of the next gas station.

17. Think Kids and Fun

As you plan for your road trip, think about kids and having fun even on the road.

Stop often to get snacks and have some fun. This will keep the kids active and less bored on the way.

18. Buy Snacks

Long trips would be nothing close to fulfilling without snacks and I am sure the feeling is relative.

Buy snacks and drinks from grocery stores as they have a healthier menu than gas stations.

19. Keep Handy Tools

It is important to keep plasticware, a small cooler, tolls, first aid kits, jumper cables, windshield wiper fluid, flashlight, and a spare tire.

20. Ensure Everyone’s Buckled Up

Both for safety and in obedience to state laws, ensure everyone has their seatbelts on.


Adhering to these road safety trips will give you the perfect road trip you plan to have.


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