Ways to Learn on a Road Trip

We all know summer to be a time when everyone hops into the family’s SUV and hit the road to see Granny or visit a relative.

Summer is often associated with campouts in the backyard, sprinklers, building sandcastles, storytelling under a stars-infested sky, and much more.

Families love to crisscross the countryside, see monuments, visit cool places, and create lifelong memories.

Going on a road trip with your family is a lovely way to further strengthen bonds, engage in backseat squabbles, get exposure, and see new opportunities.

It is a time to get new information, cheesy souvenirs, and satisfy your curiosity.

Amidst all of the fun, you can still chip in some learning activities for the kids.

The thought of it may scare your kids but who says they have to learn the hard way? They can learn the fun way even on your road trip.

In this article, I have listed a couple of learning activities for your kids on your next road trip.

They are guaranteed to be fun and would most definitely make your summer trip with your kids memorable.

You want to have a thrilling and fun-filled road trip this summer?

I have just the right plan for you.

Alphabetic Listings

You can use the English alphabet, A-Z, and have your kids try and get words on your trip beginning with each letter.

Starting with the letter A, let them find words as seen on roadside signs, buildings, license plates, and so on.

They can see an Audi car and write down the word for letter A, a roadside bar can stand for B, and so on till they get to Z.

You can make it competitive by announcing a reward for the first to complete the task.

Geography, States, and Routes

Yes! Geography.

Before you set out on your proposed road trip, ask your children the make predictions about the states and routes you will be taking.

Questions like

“Which state would be seen more on your road trip?”

“Which state would be difficult to find?” and so on.

Then, print a blank map of the country or the region you will be traveling in and hand them over to your kids.

What they have to do is to color the states, cities, and counties you pass through on the map. Labeling and highlighting landmarks can be part of the instructions.

A bonus tip you should give them is for them to always look out for license plates. As soon as they spot a different license plate, they should color the corresponding state on their maps.

Your kids are sure gonna enjoy coloring their maps and learning about new places on your road trip.

Kids today do not have any knowledge about navigation and paper maps. Thanks to technology, the era of paper maps is long gone.

It will be lovely to take them back in time to the use of paper maps and have them play the role of a navigator.

They would be proud of themselves when they find the route you are on by observing the roads, landmarks, buildings, and so on.

Read Audiobooks

Reading in a car can be difficult and sometimes boring. A potent cure is to listen to an audiobook.

Let the family listen to a classic audiobook or a new favorite and talk about it while on your trip.

There is so much fun in relating varying perspectives of one subject matter. It further broadens the horizon of one’s knowledge.

Read Road Signs

This article will not be complete without this point. It is a strategy I employ whenever I travel through unfamiliar routes.

Always read road signs. Let your kids read the signs aloud if they can. You don’t want to miss landmarks on your way.

Collect and Read Brochures

This can be a cool alternative for persons who do not fancy readings on road trips.

Informational and advertorial brochures about states and cities will make your road trip so much fun.


Make the best out of your road trip this summer. Move from the conventional long drive down south or up north and set your kids up for a memorable summer experience.


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